Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The most famous children of Internet and your videos in YouTube


There does not exist anything that causes any more healthy laugh than the occurrences of the smallest. They have this miscellany of innocence, unconsciousness and genius that can do descostillar of the laugh and simultaneously die of tenderness to any adult, without at least queriéndolo to manage.

The fact is that exactly this is what more makes laugh. These small geniuses that only the children can do and generate laugh crying. If you are a mom, of course often this has happened to you with your children, and often habrás wished to share this moment with others. Thanks to the advance of the technology and the incredible tool that is Internet, the dads not only could film your children in these moments of absolute genius, but also they it could upload Internet and share with all.

It was the case of the dads of Charlie and Harry. Does it they sound these names? If the answer is yes, the fact is that you are one of the persons' 125.640.856 who saw the video that your parents uploaded to YouTube in 2007. Visits record about the world, reason for the what one these children, without knowing it were converted into the most famous children of Internet. And only for bitting the finger to your little brother!

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